SilverBack XL 8" Clay to Plastic Flexible Coupling

  • Part No. SBXL188
  • Connects 8" clay pipe to 8" plastic pipe
  • Designed for pipe bursting and pipe ramming repairs
  • Trenchless technology
  • Fights aganist tensile tress and shear forces
  • Strong and permanent pipe repair
  • Size: (A) 10.00" (B) 6.63" (C) 10.00"

S1E's newest trenchless No Dig product, the SilverBack XL, is an extended flexible coupling designed specifically for pipe bursting and pipe ramming underground applications. With superior strength and long-lasting qualities, this shielded coupling ensures a pipe connection that resists environmental conditions, tensile stress, shear forces and thermal expansion / contraction, ensuring your confidence that the repair only needs to be done once.  Made of flexible PVC, the couping includes 316 stainless steel high-torque clamps, heavy-duty steel shear ring and a gasket manufactured to the requirements of CSA B602, ASTM D 5926 and ASTM C 1173. 

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Model SBXL188
Industry Application Infrastructure
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